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ESP has provided expert services for two decades to state and local education and other government agencies to design, build, and improve decision support systems.  We understand how to translate national data standards into practical, working systems.  Essentially, ESP moves quality data from one agency to another and presents reports to decision makers in timely and usable format.  In the process, we ensure that the principles of data governance protect personally identifiable information while allowing maximum use of data with minimum burden imposed on the data providers.

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Data governance begins with a metadata dictionary tool to reduce your data reporting burden, designate official statistics, and create a calendar of all data activities by standardizing and documenting data element definitions across all collections, repositories, and reports/outputs.  DataSpecs does all this and much more.

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State Report Manager (SRM)

Automating reporting from local systems to the state education agency has been State Report Manager’s (SRM’s) success story for over a decade.  Districts have complete control over their data as SRM manages the entire process of consolidating, cleaning, formatting, certifying, and exchanging data between agencies to ensure the state receives perfect data every time.  

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The EDFacts Shared State Solution (ES3) is a complete system for a state’s EDFacts reporting.  Both unit and aggregate staging databases hold a state’s data for automated translation to compliant submission files.  ESP maintains the annual EDFacts requirements for participating states in the ES3 consortium.  A UI manages steps and reports provide audit assistance.

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ESP Solutions Group provides extraordinary insight™ into P20W (pre-kindergarten through workforce) data systems and analytics. Our team of industry experts pioneered the concept of “data-driven decision making” and now helps optimize the management of our clients’ education/labor data.

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Did you know….?

ESP launched a new website,, to support all our state reporting products. These include State Report Manager (SRM), Vertical Report Framework (VRF), and EDFacts Shared State Solution (ES3). At the time, 13 states used these products, with more in negotiations to join them. The website is a key component in the communications required among the SEA’s, LEA’s, and vendors to achieve the timely and accurate exchange of quality student and staff records.


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Vertical Reporting Framework (VRF)

The Vertical Reporting Framework (VRF) enables statewide management of district data ...

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